Getting to Know SearchUnify Releases

Major features upgrades, security enhancements, and new applications for the SearchUnify platform are released twice a year, towards the end of April and in last week of October of the first week of November.

Early deployment on sandboxes typically becomes available within two weeks of the release announcement. After testing the new features and experiences on a sandbox, customers can move to production deployment at their own discretion.

Naming and Lifecycle

Each SearchUnify release is supported for 18 months after the date of announcement. The April release constitute the Colubridae series and the November releases its big brother, the Mamba series.


The Boomslang series has been shelved since July, 2018.

Release History

Date Name Supported Release Notes Documentation
30 October, 2020 Mamba '21 Yes Mamba '21 Release Notes Getting Started
30 April, 2020 Colubridae '20 Yes Colubridae '20 Release Notes Getting Started
1 November, 2019 Mamba '20 Yes Mamba '20 Release Notes Getting Started
4 April, 2019 Colubridae '19 Yes Colubridae '19 Release Notes n/a
21 November, 2019 Mamba '18 No Mamba '18 Release Notes n/a
10 July, 2018 Boomslang '18 No Boomslang '18 Release Notes n/a

Upgrade in Time

There are three main ways to be in the loop when a release is announced and upgrade your instance.

Social Media and Official Blog

Each release is announced on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the official SearchUnify blog. If you have not already, subscribe to our channels to be on top of the latest updates.

Announcements in SearchUnify Community

For privacy-conscious clients, the Announcements section in the SearchUnify Community is ideal way to learn about the new features in each release. The Community is open only to the SearchUnify users and employees.

CSM Communication

Your dedicated CSM emails each time a new release is available. All you have to do is show your interest and the CSMs will get the upgrade process started.

Next Release

The next SearchUnify release, Colubridae '21, is planned in April, 2021.

Last updatedTuesday, January 19, 2021

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