View Chatbot Analytics

Analytics provides data on four metrics: User Interaction, Intent, All Reports and Chat Transcript.

User Interaction

View the total users who interacted with your virtual agent on a search client during a selected period of time. In addition to it the new virtual agent is equipped with real time analytics which shows the users currently interacting with the virtual agent.

You will see a similar screen in User Interaction where the total number and live users are displayed. Along the horizontal axis is the time and along the vertical axis is the user count.

You can select a search client from the dropdown and a time period to view specific user interaction data.


Find out which intent has been used the most on a particular search client. This screen provides an insight into user behavior.

To know how many times a particular intent has been hit, the select a search client as well as an intent from the dropdown. Then specify a date range.

Once all the options have been selected you can see the reports as a bar graph.

All Reports

Find out the utterance hit count for an intent. This screens enables you to check whether the responses given by your virtual agent are relevant.

To view the reports, select a search client from the dropdown, choose an intent as well as a date range.

You can further click to check the response provided by the chatbot for the utterance selected corresponding to the intent and its count too.

Chat Transcripts

Email yourself chat transcripts for further evaluation.

Choose a session and click to email yourself a chat transcript.

Last updatedFriday, November 27, 2020