Create Dialogs and Stories in Conversation

The Conversation tab in Virtual Agent enables you to create dialogues. The dialogues can be weaved into a story on Your Story Board.

A story consists of one or multiple Nodes. Each node is a mapping of an Intent with a Response. You can connect nodes with one another to create a story. The new tree-format makes conversations transparent.

Creating an Empty Story

  1. In the Configurations tab, click Create Conversation.

  2. Give your story a title and Save.

The story you have created has a name and nothing else. To be useful, it has to be connected with nodes. Next, you will learn to create nodes.

Add Nodes to Conversations

  1. Click on a conversation.

  2. Name your node in Add Title.

  3. Select an intent from the If Bot Recognizes dropdown. If you cannot find an intent in the dropdown, create it.

  4. Select Simple or Entity from the radio buttons.

  5. Click to assign a response. The responses are of three kinds. You can learn about them in the next section.

Assigning a Response

  1. Entity "Mamba 21 video" is extracted from the utterance.
  2. The entity is embedded into the API call defined in Request Payload.
  3. The response is configured in Expected Response.
  4. A video is returned in response to the entity value "Mamba 21 video." The video can be played right inside the chat window.

Last updatedMonday, August 2, 2021

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