Set up SearchUnify On-Premises (Discontinued)

[This feature has been discontinued and is no longer available.]

The On Premises add-on allows you to download and host SearchUnify indexes on your servers. Write to us at if you wish go down this route. We will enable the Install button.


Ensure that the Install button is enabled.


  1. Download On Premises.
  2. Launch a terminal and log into Docker Hub
    $ sudo docker login --username=yourusername
  3. Fetch on-premises service from Docker Hub
    $ sudo docker pull searchunify/onpremise:onpremiseservice
  4. Fetch index service from Docker Hub.
    $ sudo docker pull searchunify/onpremise:indexservice
  5. Run on-premises service.
    $ sudo docker run --net=host \
    						-v "config:/config" \
    						-d --name onpremiseservice searchunify/onpremise:onpremiseservice
  6. TIP. Please make sure 3999 is accessible externally. If it is not, you can reroute 3999 port configuration by NGINX.

  7. Run these two commands to launch index service.
  8. $ sudo docker volume create --name esdata
    $ sudo docker run --name searchunifyindexservice \
    					--rm --net=host -d -v "config:/usr/share/suIndexService/config" \ 
    					-v "esdata:/usr/share/suIndexService/data" searchunify/onpremise:indexservice

    TIP. The instructions are also in README.TXT.