Create an Aha! Webhook for Event Subscription

Ideas removed from your Aha! instance don't disappear from the SearchUnify index and may still show up in the search results. A technical limitation restricts SearchUnify from capturing deletion APIs. You can overcome limitation with a webhook. A webhook sends deletion events to SearchUnify in real time and keeps the index up-to-date.

Creating an Aha! Activity Webhook

Refer to the official Aha! doc on how to create an activity webhook: Aha! Activity Webhook.

The required details for creating a webhook are:

  • Hook URL. This is the instance URL of your SearchUnify instance.

  • Selected activities. Select a workspace -> Select Ideas -> All Fields, and click Add activity.

  • Select users. Select the user account that has been used to configure Aha! content source.

  • Enable. Tick the check box to enable the webhook.

The process is now completed and the webhook is now active.

Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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