Manage Conditions in Azure Content Source

Manage Conditions lets you confine search to data based on one or more conditions. For example, you can configure Azure DevOps in such a way that in return to a query, the content source returns only Work Items tagged "Martian Customers" and priority set to "High."

Configure Manage Results

To illustrate the principle, this article will show how to configure the azuredevops field so that a search client fetches only high-priority work items.

  1. Go to Content Sources. Open an Azure DevOps content source for editing and navigate to Rules.

  2. Click Manage Conditions on azuredevops.

  3. Drag Priority to the gray area and enter "High" in Enter Field Condition Value.

  4. If your formula looks like WHERE Priority = 'High', you have done everything correctly. A way to read the formula is: "Show only those Work Items in search WHERE, priority is HIGH.

  5. Click Save.

Field Operators

In the example in the previous section, it was shown with azuredevops that how it is possible, using operators and , to fetch only those cases that have "SearchUnify" in their subject and whose priority is "High"; both the values—"SearchUnify" and "High"—were supplied by the admin. You can swap both values with what your business demands. The common part is the operators.

Along with and , Manage Conditions offers other operators: Equals (), Not Equals (), Includes (), Greater Than (), Less Than (), Greater Than or Equals To (), Less Than or Equals To (), and Doesn't Include ().

Last updatedTuesday, February 27, 2024

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