Creating a Webhook in Box for Event Subscription

New comments and deleted items, do not reflect immediately in the SearchUnify index. A recrawl is needed to capture the changes. A method to keep your Box data in sync with the SearchUnify index is to enable event subscription, which involves creating a webhook.

Create an App in Box

  1. Visit Log in if prompted.

  2. In the My Apps section, click Create New App.

  3. Select Custom App.

  4. Select User Authentication (OAuth 2.0) and give your app a Name. Click Connect.

  5. The app has been created. On the app's Configuration tab, scroll down to the Application Scopes section and check Manage webhooks. Then, click Save Changes.

  6. Switch to the Webhooks tab and click Create Webhook. Select V1 from the dropdown.

  7. Give the webhook a Name and add a brief Description. Check two Event Types: Commented and Deleted.

  8. Scroll down to the Endpoint Configuration section. For the Endpoint URL, enter the URL in the following pattern:


    A) {csid} is the ID of your Box content source. Hover on to the Box content source in SearchUnify admin panel to find your CS Id (as shown in the below screenshot). Copy it.

    B) Visit Enter your CS Id and click Generate. Copy MD5 Hash.

    C) Select REST as Payload format.

  9. Scroll further down to the Callback Parameters section and click add callback parameter. Add the following three callback parameters:

    Method Parameter name Parameter value
    GET itemId item_id
    GET itemType item_type
    GET webhookEvent event_type

  10. Click Save Webhook.

Last updatedFriday, May 26, 2023

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