Obtain Your KnowledgeOwl API Key

To complete the authentication process in SearchUnify, you will require the API Key that will be used in Username, API key field. This article helps you locate if there's an existing API key. And if you don't have an API key generated, you will also learn how to generate one.

Get KnowledgeOwl API key

  1. Log into your KnowledgeOwl instance. From the home page, navigate to Your Account > API.

  2. If you have an existing API key and you want to use it, copy and paste it in Authentication.

  3. Alternatively, you can create a new API key. To start, click Add New API Key.

  4. OPTIONAL. In the Purpose of the Key field, add a description.

  5. Select the kind of calls you will be making through the API. The recommendation is to select all four: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. Then, click Add.

  6. Copy the API key and use it fir authenticating KnowledgeOwl with SearchUnify.