Use Saba Cloud As a Content Source

This feature is not available in the SearchUnify Cloud Edition.

In SearchUnify can crawl and index ideas, pages, and files on Saba Cloud. Once indexed, they become searchable from all the platforms where SearchUnify is supported. This article walks you through the process of installing Saba Cloud as a content source.


SearchUnify ignores user permissions during searches. All indexed files can be search by all users.

Establish a Connection

  1. Navigate to Content Sources.

  2. Click Add New Content Source.

  1. Find Saba from the search box and click Add.

  2. Under the Authentication tab, fill in the following details:
    • Name. Give your Saba Cloud content source a name.
    • Authentication Method. Select the ‘Basic’ authentication method from the dropdown. This helps SearchUnify crawl the data from the Saba Cloud account with which you login.
    • Client Url. Mention your Saba Cloud instance URL here.
    • Username. Mention your Saba Cloud username here.
    • Password. Input the Saba Cloud instance password.
    • Language. Select the language that your community interacts with. It's usually English.

  3. Click Connect.

Set Up Crawl Frequency

The first crawl is always manual and is performed after configuring the content source. For now, keep the frequency to its default value Never and click Set and move to the next section.

Select Content Type for Indexing

SearchUnify can index content for Saba Cloud by 'Type'. In the Rules tab, you can define what part of the content (idea, page, and file) is indexed by adding or removing content fields for the same in By Type.

  1. Click to view the properties of a content type.

  2. A dialog box will open. You can click to remove a content field. The removed content fields are not indexed. You can use the Name column to find content types, the Label column to rename them, and the Type column to change the default data type. To edit existing content fields, click . Once the configurations are complete, click Save.

Note - We do not recommend to edit these fields currently. In the coming updates, we intend to enhance this functionality.


Return to the Content Sources screen and click . If the number in the Total Documents column is one or more, then you have successfully set up Saba Cloud as a content source.

Either the tags have not been specified in the Rules section or there is another error in the set up if the number of Total Documents remains zero.

Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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