Manage Stopwords

Each keyword in your query matters. Install SearchUnify in a Salesforce Org is likely to bring different results from Install SearchUnify Salesforce Org. You can change this default search behavior so that presence or absence of an article (definite or indefinite), pronoun, conjunction, and/or other grammatical particle doesn't impact results; and your customers or employees have a consistent search experience for similar queries.

Manage Stopwords enables you to create a list of words that are removed from search queries before their processing. It is a common practice to exclude common grammatical particles . You can adopt the common practice and expand the list with your organization-specific keywords. For instance, using "secretProductName" as a stop word adds a layer of security on top of search client access control.

Inserting or Removing Stopwords

  1. Go to NLP Manager and open Manage Stopwords.

  2. Click Edit Stop Words.

  3. Enter a word in a line and click Submit.


Last updatedFriday, February 26, 2021

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