Export Search Analytics Data to Tableau

You can export the data in Search Analytics to Tableau for powerful visualization. Data transfers happen through a Web Data Connector which converts Search Analytics data into JSON before pushing it into Tableau.

Exporting Data from Search Analytics to Tableau

  1. Download Tableau Desktop for Windows.
  2. Create an app named tableau_connector. In the Redirect URL field, enter https://{{base URL}}/analytics/tableauConnector/authTableau and select Analytics in Scope.
  3. Open Web Data Connector from the To a Server menu.

  4. In the Enter your web data connector URL here field, paste https://{{base URL}}/analytics/tableauConnector/authTableau.

  5. You will be prompted to sign in. Click Login With SU.

  6. tableauConnector will ask for a permission to access your data in SearchUnify. Click Allow.

  7. Select a date range and click Fetch Analytics Data.

  8. Drag the fields in the left column to the white area (highlighted) on the top and click Automatically Update.

  9. Click Sheet next to the data source and wait for the Extract process to finish.

Now you can drag and drop fields in Tableau rows and columns to build graphs.

Last updatedTuesday, June 23, 2020