Update JWT Configurations

The JWT Configurations allow precise and self-reliant way exchanging information between the parties and hence acts as a security wall.

Update JWT Configurations

  1. Open Adobe Experience Manager Web Console Configuration. A quick way to access the page is to append /system/console to the Base URL of your AEM instance. For example, if the Base URL is aemdemo.grazitti.com, then the configuration page would be aemdemo.grazitti.com/system/console.

  2. Search JWT Configuration and open it for editing.

  3. Fill the details and save.
    • Email: All guest users sessions will be assigned this email ID. Useful if you site is open to public as well as employees.
    • User Name: The user name of the AEM license holder.
    • Expiry Time: Time after which the JWT token will expire.
    • Endpoint URL: Ask your SearchUnify representative for the Endpoint URL.
    • Access Token: Ask your SearchUnify representative for the Access Token.