Custom Design Your Search Client

SearchUnify offers an HTML and CSS editor which can be used to customize Legacy search clients. The editor consists of three components: Search Results Page, Search Box, and No Results Found page.


  • Take a back-up of the current code because there is no reset option.
  • Do not edit any AngularJS directive because a change can break a component. Many Angular directives start with an -ng.
  • Write your own CSS classes instead of editing existing classes.
  • Don't delete existing classes or IDs.

Find Elements for Editing

  1. Open a search client and press Ctrl+Shift+C if you are using Chrome on Windows.
  2. Hover your cursor over a part to view the HTML classes controlling it. In the next image, the classes are: .su_w-100, .su__py-4, .su__px-sm-1, .su__search_section, and .su__bg-blue-grd.

Using Customize Search Clients

  1. Go to Search Clients and open a web-based search client for editing. If you cannot not see on a search client row, then it means that customization isn't supported for the platform. You can customize Legacy, web-based clients.

  2. Find the code for editing in Search Results Page, Search Box, or No Results Found.

  3. You can edit components by switch to the CSS window and:
    • It is not recommended to edit existing classes
    • It is recommended to create new CSS classes and insert them into their relevant HTML element

  4. Once you have made the changes, click Update.