Customize Search Client Results View

Customize Search Client View allows you to group your search results according to their specific content sources. For your search client results display, you can either keep the default option of merging the top 10 relevant results from all content sources on the search results page, or you can also group the results from each content source through the Customize Search Client View option. You can also select a definite number for the search results to be displayed from a Content source.


Support for Salesforce Lightning search client is on the way.

Configure Search Client View

  1. In Search Clients, open a search client for editing and click Customize Search Client View. NOTEClosedThe Customize Search Client View button remains grayed out unless at least 2 content sources are connected with the Search client..

  2. Toggle the option ON to get the customization window.

  3. Select the number of results (maximum) that you wish to display from the selected content source. From the list of Content sources configured with the Search Client, you can choose the order in which they appear by the drag up or down functionality for the content sources. The same order shall be used to show up results on the search client page. Hit Save when done.


When saved, the Customize Search Client View button shall get highlighted, and these selected changes will be applied to the Search client results view. Clicking More Results or applying a filter returns the view to the default 10-result page.

Last updatedThursday, March 23, 2023

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