Exclude Facet Values from Content Fields

Exclude is used to remove facet values from content fields, such as Tags and Date.

Fig. 1

For the sake of demonstration, you will see how "oop" and "haskell" are removed from the content field Tag (Fig. 1).

Until the Colubridae '20 release, excluded worked only for Basic Latin facet values. But support has been expanded to cover all major writing systems, including Hanzi (Chinese), Kana (Japanese), and Cyrillic (Russian and others).

Remove Content Field Values

  1. Navigate to Search Clients from the main menu.

  2. Click .

  3. Open Content Sources.

  4. Select a content source and a content type.

  5. Move the slider to the right to find the column Exclude.

  6. Click Exclude.

  7. Enter facet values separated by commas and click Save.

    Warning. Don't put a space between a facet value and a comma. Correct: oop,haskell. Incorrect: oop, haskell.

  8. Save your settings.


There were two facet values between 中央电视台 and CCTV综艺: oop and haskell. After excluding the latter, there remains not facet value between 中央电视台 and CCTV综艺.

Last updatedWednesday, March 29, 2023

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