Install a Search Client in Higher Logic

Find information faster on Higher Logic with SearchUnify. This article walks you through the process of installing a SearchUnify search client in your Higher Logic community.


  • Admin access to a Higher Logic community
  • Enter Token Generation URL, which can be obtained from your SearchUnify representative

Create a Search Client for Higher Logic

  1. Go to Search Clients and click Add New Search Client.

  2. Select Higher Logic.'

  3. Enter the details:
    • Enter Platform Name. Label your search client.
    • Enter Base URL. Mention your Higher Logic instance URL or the web address of your community. For instance,
    • Enter Token Generation URL. The URL is used to secure data flow between your search clients and content sources. Simply paste the URL that you received from the SearchUnify representative.
    • Enter Token Expiry Time (in milliseconds). Tokens are generated at fixed periods to maintain secure communication between your Higher Logic search client and content sources. Shorter intervals tend to be enhance security and longer intervals don't consume much computing power.

Install a Search Client in Higher Logic

  1. Download your Higher Logic search client.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file, find index.html, and open it in a text editor.

  3. Login into your Higher Logic community as an admin and select the tab where the search will be added.

  4. Open settings.

  5. Click Edit This Page in settings and select HTML Content in the Type of Content dropdown.

  6. From index.html copy all the text and paste it in the Source Code field.

  7. Click OK and then Save.


A SearchUnify search client on a Higher Logic community.

Last updatedTuesday, June 23, 2020