Deliver Faster Search on a Configurable Search Client with Imperium

For each search client, the frontend components can be customized through Imperium, which allows admins to change almost each visible part of the search client, including search box, page rating widget, facets, content source tabs, scroll, featured snippets, and bookmarks. Making use of these features, admins can enhance user experience a noticeable extent.


  • Familiarity with JSX or CSS
  • Search client other than Salesforce Console, Salesforce Communities, Salesforce Internal, and Zendesk Console

Activate Imperium

Imperium cannot be activated on existing search clients. To activate it, select ‘Imperium’ experience when you are creating a new search client.

  1. In Search Clients, go to Add new search client.
  2. Choose a search client, fill in the details, and in the end, select Imperium in Search Experience.

  3. Press Save.

Launch Imperium Editor

Imperium Editor is to be found in Search Clients > Action > Imperium. To launch it, find your search client and click .

A search results page consists of components; each component being a piece of code. Some components are part of Standard. You cannot delete them, but you can click to clone a standard component.

Each cloned component can be found in Custom Components in Workspace.

Besides cloned components, Workspace contains four other sections: 

  • Standard Apps is where the code for search, autocomplete, and feedback is stored.

  • Styles is where CSS sheets are stored.

  • Build is where you can view the code to be compiled.

  • Additional Components contains code impacting the behavior of several elements of a search page.

Click on a file in any section to view its code.

You can edit the code and click Save and then Preview to view the impact of your changes. Once you have made the changes, use Build to push the code to production. View Logs displays a history of changes.

You can switch to full-screen mode with , dark mode with , increase text size with , and view the changes in code with .

Redirection URL

A Redirection URL field is available under Search Client > Edit > Configurations tab, which is only for Imperium search clients.

Here, you can enter the URL where a user from the search box will be directed to. It is the URL of the search page. However, the search client works without an issue even if you leave it blank.


Here is a search client with the Imperium experience.

Last updatedWednesday, September 20, 2023

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