Merge Facets

Facets help users narrow down search results. You can make them more useful by grouping similar facets together. For example, an organization with multiple knowledge bases can divide its content sources into Official (where only the employees contribute) and Community (where customers can participate).

Another use case is tag management. A large content source can have thousands of tags. You can bring some sanity to them by clubbing them into a handful of categories that are more manageable.

Grouping Facets

  1. Go to Search Clients and click to open edit settings.

  2. Navigate to Content Sources.

  3. Open Merge Facets.

  4. The facet categories detected by SearchUnify or created by an admin are in the leftmost Facets column. Drag a facet to the second column, Selected Facets.

  5. Click the selected facet and then Add Filters.

  6. Subgroup your facets and give the subgroup a name. In the diagram below, categories Posts and Articles have been merged into Posts and Articles.

  7. Check Yes to show child facets and Noto keep them hidden. Sticking with our example, Yes will show only one facet, Posts and Articles. But No will show a main facet and two child facets: Posts and Articles > (1) Posts (2) Articles .

  8. Click Save.

  9. Click Save again.


Using the Download and Email buttons, you can either download the merged facet values or email the data to yourself and other members of your team.