Install a Search Client in NICE CXone

A search client on a NICE CXone (formerly MindTouch) instance is installed in three steps. Create a NICE CXone search client, create a custom template page, and go to the page where the search client is going to be installed to insert the link to the custom template page into DekiScript.

Create a NICE CXone Search Client

  1. Go to Search Clients and click Add New Search Client.

  2. Look up NICE CXone and open it for configuration.

  3. In Enter Platform Name, give your search client a Label.

  4. In Enter Base URL, enter the web address of your NICE CXone instance.

  5. Select either Legacy or Imperium. The latter is faster, but only the former has support for virtual agents. After making the selection, click Save.

  6. Clicking Save returns you to the Search Clients screen where you can download the search client.

Create a Custom Template Page in NICE CXone

Extract index.html from the downloaded search client. The script is inserted into the custom template page.

  1. Log into your NICE CXone community as an admin. Find Site Tools and click Dashboard.

  2. Open Template directory from Site Administration.

  3. Click New in Templates.

  4. Give the page a name (searchunify_all) and switch to HTML mode.

  5. Copy the code from index.html, paste it into the editor, and click Save.

Activate Search on a Page in NICE CXone

  1. Go to the page where the search will be installed and click New.

  2. Expand DekiScript.

  3. Insert the following code snippet into DekiScript.

       placeholder: 'Search our Knowledge Base',
       page: 'searchunify_all'
  4. Click Save to view search on the Home page of your NICE CXone community.