Share Results on Salesforce Console

An admin can now configure a Salesforce Console search client so that each search result features a dropdown with two options: 

  • Send link as an email
  • Attach article to case


Ensure that the article field PublishedStatus is indexed.

Configurable Result Sharing Settings in a Salesforce Console Search Client

  1. Go to Search Clients and open a Salesforce Service Console by clicking .

  2. Navigate to Content Sources.

  3. Select a content source followed by an object, and then open Share Results.

  4. There are two options in the popped-up window: 
    1. Email Check it copy a result link to your clipboard and email it to the customer whose case page is open.
    2. Case Comment. Check it to copy a result link to your clipboard and attack the link to the case comments section as well.

  5. Press Save and then Save again.

Last updatedFriday, November 20, 2020