Install a Search Client in Slack

Find more than just files, channels, and messages on Slack. A new search bot for Slack allows you to search your content sources, including Salesforce, Lithium, and Zendesk.

Creating an App in Slack

  1. Go to and click Create an App.

  2. Give your app a name, select a workspace for search client installation from the Development Slack Workspace dropdown, and click Create App.

  3. You will be navigated to the app page. If you have not been, go to and click your app to open it.

  4. On the app page, scroll down to App Credentials and copy Client ID, Client Secret, and Signing Secret. Share them with your SearchUnify representative.

  5. Navigate to Oauth and Permissions.

  6. Enter {{BASE_URL}}/oauth in Redirect URLs field. Click Add, then Save URLs. The {{BASE_URL}} is the web address of your SearchUnify instance.

  7. Go to Bot Users and click Add a Bot User.

  8. Click Add Bot User. Editing Display Name and Default Username, and setting visibility are optional.

  9. Go to Event Subscriptions and toggle Enable Events On.

  10. Enter {{BASE_URL}}/slack/receive in Request URL field.

  11. Scroll down to Subscribe to Bot Events and add use Add Both User Event to add: app_mention, message.channels, and After adding them, click Save Changes.

  12. Go to Interactive Components and toggle Interactivity On.

  13. Enter {{BASE_URL}}/slack/receive in Request URL and click Save Changes.

Activating Your App in SearchUnify

  1. Go to Search Clients and click Add New Search Client.

  2. Select Slack Bot.

  3. Give your search client a name, enter your SearchUnify instance web address in the Enter Base URL field, and write your Slack channel ID in the third field, and click Save.

  4. Add content sources to your search client and download it.

  5. Unzip the downloaded file and open the URL mentioned in readme.

Using the SearchUnify Bot

To view results inside a Slack conversation, write @yourBotName Keyword and press Enter.

Faceted Search in Slack

Faceted search in Slack can be enabled from the backend. To place a request, share your Bot User OAuth Access Token with your SearchUnify representative. It is in App Page > Oauth & Permissions.

Last updatedTuesday, June 23, 2020