Install a Search Client in Zendesk Guide

Improve self-service with a smart search engine for Zendesk Guide. This article walks you through the process of installing a SearchUnify search client on a Zendesk knowledge base.


  1. Ensure the Help Center is activated in Zendesk Guide
  2. Set up and configure Zendesk Guide
  3. Download the Zendesk Guide search client and unzip it


  1. Log into Zendesk.
  2. Using , move to the Zendesk Guide dashboard.

  3. Click and then View Theme.

  4. Launch Edit Code.

  5. Copy the scripts from index.html. Unzip the downloaded search client (see Prerequisities) to find index.html.

  6. Insert the copied scripts into header.hbs.

  7. Replace the code in search_results.hbs with the code in index.html.

  8. Navigate to home_page.hbs and find the div with the class hero-inner.

  9. Replace the div hero-inner with the code copied from autocomplete.html. (You can find autocomplete.html in the downloaded search client.)

  10. Press Publish.

Last updatedFriday, February 26, 2021

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