Enable Auto Boosting

Enable Auto Boosting to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in search. When activated, it automatically generates user profiles and delivers highly personalized results tailored to each user's global search history. Some examples of this personalization include:

  • Custom ranking based on search activity. Auto Boosting utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized search results based on your unique search history. This means that you'll see more relevant results that are tailored to your specific interests and needs.
  • Relevancy based on user role. Auto Boosting considers your user role when determining search relevance. For instance, a developer searching for API documentation or developer guides will find those resources ranked higher, while a marketing team member will see user guides and use case documents prioritized in their search results.


Auto Boosting delivers personalized search results to users regardless of their login status. This is achieved by storing user activity data directly in their browsers rather than on a remote cloud server. This approach allows users to maintain control over their data while still benefiting from the power of AI-powered personalization.

For administrators, Auto Boosting seamlessly integrates with existing open knowledge bases and websites, eliminating the need for any modifications. The solution operates without disrupting ongoing operations, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

For Active Users

Auto Tuning personalizes search results exclusively for active users. An active user is defined as someone who has conducted at least one search session on two consecutive days. For instance, if a user has performed searches on Wednesday and Thursday, they will receive personalized results on Friday. Conversely, if a user does not conduct a search on a particular day, they will not see personalized results the following day.

Enable Auto Boosting

  1. Select a search client where auto boosting will be applied.

  2. To auto-pick a search client each time you navigate to Search Tuning, click to bookmark it.

  1. Toggle Enable Auto Boosting to the right turn it on. Click OK if a pop-up asks you: "Are you sure you want to enable Auto Boosting?"

Opt Out

In case a user doesn't prefer personalized results, they can simply opt out by refusing to accept cookies from the platform where the search client is installed, deleting browser cache, or switching to private browsing. It's even easier for admins who can turn off auto tuning for all search client users at once by toggling Enable Auto Boosting to the left. Go to Search Tuning > Auto, and turn off Enable Auto Boosting.

Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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