View Instance Manager Activity in Admin Logs

Admin Logs in Security keeps a log of the admin activity in your SU instance. Through Admin Logs, you can trace changes in Content Sources, Search Clients, Search Tuning, and NLP Manager to a person. The data can viewed in your browser and/or can be downloaded as a .csv file. The default time period for which the data is presented is 30 days, but you can change it from Date Range.

Find Admin Logs

To view administrator activity, go to Administration  > Security > Admin Logs. You will find a screen similar to the one below.

Admin Logs Features

On the Admin Logs screen, five features are available: 

  1. Search Box. Look up logs by either email or activity name. In the next image, you can see the top results for the activity "search tuning."

  2. Download Report. Download Admin Logs data (up to 10,000 rows) in the CSV format.

  3. Select Section. View activity in one of the supported support sections: Content Sources, Search Analytics, Search Tuning, NLP Manager, API, and Apps.

  4. Date Range. View data for a custom time range.

  5. Results Per Page. Configure the report. You can view either 10, 20 or 30 rows at a time.

  6. Activity Information shows the navigation or the activity performed by a user. It also captures the details of the activity performed in the content source or search client sections.