Turn on Content Source Indexing Notifications

Content Source Subscription allows instance users to set up email notifications each time a content source is successfully crawled, an error is encountered in crawling, or both. The notifications can be set up for one or more content sources and anyone in your organization can be a subscriber.

Become a Subscriber

  1. From Administration > Alerts, go to Content Source Subscription. Click Add Subscription.

  2. The content sources are in the left column. Check the ones for which you want to receive notifications.

  3. The notification types are in the right column. There are three options:
    • All. Sends an email notification each time the content source is crawled.
    • Successful. Sends an email notification each time the content source is successfully crawled.
    • Failed. Sends an email notification only when the crawling fails.

  4. In Enter Subscriber Emails, enter the emails of the people who will receive notifications.

After a successful subscription, you will find the emails listed

Crawl Fail Notifications

When a content source crawl fails, the subscribers receives an email with the crawl logs attached. The log file is shared only for failed crawls, not for successful crawls. The goal of the log file is to help recipients quickly figure out the cause of the crawl failure.

Crawl Stop Notification

An email is triggered when an admin stops a crawl. You can interrupt a crawl by clicking Stop Crawling.

A pop-up opens when Stop Crawling is clicked. If you check Mark crawling as complete, then you'll receive a Crawl Successful email.

However, if you don't check Mark crawling as complete, then you'll receive an email with the message "Crawling stopped."

Website Crawl Logs

When a crawl on a website content source fails, then along with log file, a second file is shared with you. The second files contains the list of the URLs that couldn't be crawled.