Escalation Predictor Reports in Salesforce

Open Escalation Dashboard from the App Launcher in your Salesforce Org. The app consists of two sections: Escalation Dashboard and Classification Reports.

Escalation Dashboard

The first section in the Escalation Dashboard report is Cases Likely to Escalate. The list features eight different columns like:

  1. Case Number. Salesforce case ID.

  2. Case Title. Case subject in Salesforce.

  3. Agent. Name of the support agent who answerable for the case.

  4. Owner. Name of the person who raised the case.

  5. Created Date. Date and time on which the case was created

  6. Last updated. Date and time on which the case was last updated

  7. Likelihood to Escalate. Probability that the case will see an escalation.

    Several factors contribute to identify the escalation percentage. On clicking a case from the Escalation dashboard, you are redirected to a new page where details of the case and the individual factors being considered to calculate escalation are listed. These factors include: Priority, Creation Date, Type, and Modified. The factors vary with case. A certain weight is defined for different factors, based on which the escalation percentage is counted. For instance, Priority can get 20%, Type 15% percent, and Creation Date 10% percent.

    The percentage is updated every 24 hours. If there is an increase or decrease in the percentage score, then the changes are displayed when the score is updated.

  8. Action/Status. Record of what has been done to prevent an escalation. It has two values: Acknowledged and Rejected. Select Acknowledged if you are taking steps to prevent an escalation. Select Reject if you notice a false flag and think the case isn't going to escalate.

The second section in this report features a list of Escalated Cases, meaning the cases that have already been escalated. The list is segmented into six different columns: Case Number, Case Title, Agent, Owner, Created Date, and Escalated Date.

The Salesforce version of the report features four new filters:

  1. Agent Filter allows you to pull up cases by agent. Select an agent’s name to find all the cases the agent has worked on. The pulled up cases are segmented into two parts: Escalated Cases and Cases Likely to be Escalated.

  2. Owner Filter allows you to pull up cases by owner. Select an owner’s name to find all the cases the owner has created. The pulled up cases are segmented into two parts: Escalated Cases and Cases Likely to be Escalated.

  3. Filter by Status allows you to pull up cases in one of the three states: All, Acknowledged, and Rejected.

  4. Minimum Threshold Score Percent (%) allows you to pull up cases with the same or higher value of escalation percentage as mentioned by you.

Classification Reports

The classification reports in this section have been documented in Set up Escalation Predictor to Preempt Tickets. The only report exclusive to Salesforce is: Case Owner Report. Under the reports tab is a Case Owner section where you can see a list of case owners. The report has four columns:

  1. Contact Name. Name of the case owner

  2. Contact Email. Email address of the case owner

  3. Case Logged. The total number of cases that the case owner has created

  4. Escalation. Percentage of cases that were escalated for the case owner

Last updatedWednesday, March 29, 2023

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