Use Litmos As a Content Source

Add Litmos as a content source using three easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Click the ‘Content Sources’ tab on the left sidebar
  • Step 2 - Click the ‘Add New Content Source’ button to view the content sources
  • Step 3 - Select ‘Litmos’ tab to proceed


SearchUnify ignores user permissions during searches. Juan can find "Accounts.pdf" in search irrespective of whether he has access to the file or not.

When you select the Litmos tab you will be redirected to the configuration screen. This is divided into three subsections:

  1. Authentication
  2. Frequency
  3. Rule

Use the steps below to connect litmos with SearchUnify

Step 1 - Authentication

Please use the api key authentication method in SearchUnify admin panel for connecting your litmos instance with SearchUnify. You will need an api keys for this:

Steps for generating API key

Click My profile & Settings from the drop down menu at the top right corner of the screen.View the bottom of your profile

Enter details such as:

  • Name - Enter the API name of the litmos object you want to add
  • Client URL - Specify the URL of the litmos instance from where you want to fetch content
  • Api Key - Enter the api key

Step 2 - Frequency

Set the frequency, which includes

  • Start date- It defines the date when the sync starts
  • Frequency- It defines fixed intervals at which the content needs to be updated

Step 3 - Rules

The Rules section is divided into two parts:

By Content Type tab allows you to sync information by content type.

We support Issue objects: This object will support all issues , bugs logged inside any jira project

Enter the following details:

  • Name - Enter the API name of the object
  • Label - Enter the label for the object
  • Type - Select the type
  • Searchable/Filterable - Select whether you want the field to be searchable (will appear in search results) or filterable (will appear in filters)

Last updatedThursday, March 23, 2023

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