Use MadCap Flare As a Content Source

Add MadCap Flare as a content source using three easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Click the ‘Content Sources’ tab on the left sidebar
  • Step 2 - Click the ‘Add New Content Source’ button to view the content sources
  • Step 3 - Select ‘MadCap Flare’ tab to proceed

When you select the MadCap tab you will be redirected to the configuration screen. This is divided into three subsections:

  1. Authentication
  2. Frequency
  3. Rules

Step 1 - Authentication

On the authentication screen please fill in the fields as shown in the image below:

  • Name - Create a customized name for the content source
  • Org. type - Enter the org. type as Production or Sandbox, depending on whether your website is under development or live
  • Depth- The number of links that need to be followed in order to reach a specific page defines the depth. For example - Website URL (url1) will be of depth 1. If the website URL content has a second (url2) link, then the depth will be 2. Similarly, when url2 is connected with url3 for the content you wish to crawl, depth should be mentioned 3. Follow this to determine the depth of your link
  • Authentication Method – Choose the kind of authentication your website has - is it a basic or OAuth website
  • Private Key – Enter your private key in this section
  • Consumer Key – Fill the consumer key to proceed
  • Username - Enter the username that you wish to use to login (in case of gated websites)
  • Password - Create a password that you will use to login
  • Click ‘Next’ button to go to the next step

Step 2 - Frequency

Synchronization Frequency refers to the user defined fixed intervals in which the content updation takes place. You can set the frequency in step two, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Start Date- Choose a start date, this will define the date when the synchronization process needs to start
  • Frequency- Fix the intervals in terms of hours, this will trigger the synchronization process for the fixed number hours mentioned by the user

Step 3 - Rules

Sync Rules - Fill the following fields to set rules for your added content source:

  • Name - Enter the API name of the object added
  • Label - Create a customized label for the object
  • Actions - Click the ‘Add Object’ button to sync the object
  • After the object has been added, you can click on “Add fields” to define different fields for the object.
  • Name - From the drop down menu, select the object (a particular section on the content source) that you want to crawl
  • Label - Create a customized field label for your object
  • Type - Select the type of field
  • Searchable/Filterable - Choose whether you want the field to be searchable (will appear in search results) or filterable (will appear in filters)
  • Sortable - Check this box if you want the field to be sortable
  • Active - When you have filled the aforementioned details, check the box if you want to crawl the added field
  • Actions - Click “Add” to add the field, or “Remove” if you want to delete an existing field. You can also remove all added fields by clicking the “Remove all” button or select multiple fields and add them at once using “Add All” button.

Last updatedFriday, February 26, 2021

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