Crawl Just One Object in Salesforce

The data stored in a Salesforce instance can be huge, which makes it time-consuming and computationally-intensive to crawl the entire instance after an update in just one object. But a new feature allows admins to crawl and index Salesforce objects one at a time. A big advantage of object crawl is that it's safer. When an object crawl fails, the overall index isn't impacted. Instead of adding new fields into the main index, you can try adding new objects instead.

Crawl an Object

  1. Open Content Sources and then Salesforce settings.

  2. Navigate to the Rules tab.

  3. Click  to crawl the data in an object.

  4. While the object is being crawled, you can review the status from Crawl Logs.

Once the object has been crawled, you can view the total number of documents indexed from that particular object in the Documents column.