Use StackOverFlow As a Content Source

Add Stack Overflow as a content source using three easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Click the ‘Content Sources’ tab on the left sidebar
  • Step 2 - Click the ‘Add New Content Source’ button to view the content sources
  • Step 3 - Select 'Stack Overflow' tab to proceed

When you select the Stack Overflow tab you will be redirected to the configuration screen. This is divided into three subsections:

  1. Authentication
  2. Frequency
  3. Rule

Step 1 - Authentication

Enter details such as:

  • Name - Enter the API name of the Stack Overflow object you want to add.

Step 2 - Frequency

Set the frequency, which includes

  • Start date- - It defines the date when the sync starts
  • Frequency- - It defines fixed intervals at which the content needs to be updated

Step 3 - Rules

The Rules section is divided into two parts:

a. The By Content Type tab allows you to sync information by content type.

Enter the following details:

  • Name - Enter the API name of the object
  • Label - Enter the label for the object
  • Type - Select the type
  • Searchable/Filterable - Select whether you want the field to be searchable (will appear in search results) or filterable (will appear in filters)
  • Action - Click on "Add /Add All / Remove All" accordingly

b. Go to the 'By Tags' tab to sync information by tags.


Click on respective initials of tags names to activate:

  1. Name - It displays the name of the tags on the platform by alphabet
  2. Is Enabled - Check off the box for boards that you want to sync

Last updatedTuesday, June 23, 2020