Content API

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Ensure that you have fulfilled the prerequisites before making your first call.

1. Set a user scope

SearchUnify users can have one of these five scopes. Each scope has an impact on the calls a user can make. The instructions to change user scope are in Change User Scope (API and SDK).

2. Create an app

At the time of creating an app, you obtain a client ID and client secret. Both are used to ascertain your identity. The process of creating an app has been explained in Get Client ID and Client Secret with an API App.

3. Obtain access and refresh tokens using the app

Access and a refresh tokens are required to be able to use the Content API. The process of generating these tokens has been explained in Get Access and Refresh Token Using curl.

Using Access and Refresh Tokens

The token generation call produces two kinds of tokens: Refresh and Access.

The refresh token expires every 14 days. Store it securely. The sole use of refresh tokens is to generate access tokens.

Access tokens expire every four hours. They authenticate users. It is mandatory to include them in the header of your API calls. The format is -H "authorization: Bearer {{access token}}" .

Base URL


The hostname is the URL of your SearchUnify instance.

Example Base URL