Save Search Criteria and Queries in Bookmarks

You can create complex queries with Advanced Search features and search operators and when the desired results are returned, the search criteria can be saved in Bookmarks. The feature is useful if you run a complex query frequently.

Find all the new issues about a product X created in the past 3 days on their company's customer community is a complex query. Such queries usually rely on filters and facets. With Bookmarks, you can save 20 search queries and run them without you having to retype and apply filters and facets again.

Bookmarks Accessibility

The bookmarks are stored in a browser's cookies. It follows that a user discarding their old computer and moving to a new workstation has to create the bookmarks anew.

It also means that your existing Bookmarks are not available when you go Incognito, launch a new browser, or access your search client form a new device. They are unavailable also when you're storing bookmarks on and using the same user profile to access those bookmarks on the same client with same user credentials.

Create a Bookmark

  1. Run a query in the search bar.

  2. Apply filters and facets, if needed.

  3. Press .

  4. In the dialog that has popped up, give the search criteria a name and click Save.

Your bookmark was saved successfully if the bookmarks folder turns blue from gray.

Use a Bookmark

  1. Click .

  2. Select a bookmark from the list. The search stored in the bookmark will run.