Change the Status of a Case on Community

From the community, you can close a case when your issue has been resolved or open a closed case if an issue resurfaces.


You should be a registered user on the SearchUnify community. If you aren’t already, follow the instructions on Register on the SearchUnify Community.

Change a Case Status

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Navigate to Support and click Case Management.

    Click Case Management.

  3. A new tab opens. Your cases are listed in My requests. The list can be sorted using one of the three filters: (I) Created date, (II) Updated date, and (III) Status. Find a case, and open it.

  4. To close a case, click Mark as solved. The button is visible only when the Status is Awaiting your reply.

  5. To open a closed case, add a comment on the ticket. That will change the status to Reopened.


You can’t change the status of a case listed under the Requests I am CC’d on and Organizational requests. Only case owners can change the status of a ticket.

A ticket can’t be marked as solved if the Type is Problem.