Share Ideas and Raise Feature Requests on SearchUnify Community

You probably want SearchUnify to read DJVU files, index CSV data tables, or work as an app on smartphones. Whatever be your idea, share it with us on the community, and we will consider it to provide you with the solution.


Register on the SearchUnify community. The instructions are on Register on the SearchUnify Community.

Share an Idea or Feature Request

  1. Go to and login.

  2. Click Ideas.

  3. Scroll down and click New Topic.

  4. A dialog will open. Select a topic category from the dropdown and enter these details:

    • Topic Title. Enter what your idea or feature request is about in less than 10 words.
    • Text Box. Explain your idea or feature request in detail. Text Box accepts Markdown so you can add images and links as well.
  5. Click Submit.

Your idea or feature request should now be on the community.