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This report lists the most clicked articles. The report is sorted by the number of total clicks, which are obtained from summing the clicks on the main search results page (stage 1) and case creation page (stage 2). You can find total clicks in the fourth column #Clicks. The articles themselves are in the first column, Clicked Search Result. In #Users, you can see the number of users who opened the article and in #Sessions you can find the number of sessions in which an article is clicked.

With this information, you can interpret the first row as "Maintenance guidelines for generator unclear" has been clicked 7 times by four users in 5 different sessions.

Top Searches of Clicked Results

Top Searches of Clicked Results maps clicked articles with keywords. The article in the first row "Maintenance guidelines for generator unclear" has been clicked 7 times. Two clicks happened when an end-user searched user. The remaining 5 clicks can be attributed to these five queries, assembly instructions unclear, generate, generator assembly instructions, java, and maintenance guidelines for generator unclear.

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Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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