Conversion is a vertical specific term. A click on a landing page might be a conversion for a marketer but nothing sort of case deflection will count as conversion for a support rep. But in SearchUnify,

A conversion is the clicking of a search result. An alternative term for "conversion" is "click through rate." 

The report tracking conversions is Search Conversions in Overview.

Case Deflection Trend Chart

The graph illustrates trends in the case deflection in the last five-week period (default) or the period select in Date Range. It captures three metrics:

  • Total Sessions. How many sessions took place on a given day, week, or month. The time unit depends on the Date Range.
  • Deflected Sessions. The number of sessions in which a case deflection took place during a given time which depends on the selected Date Range. In the default view, only Stage 1 case deflections are counted but users can use the dropdown in top left to view the graph for Stage 2 case deflections or Cumulative (Stage 1 + Stage 2) case deflections.

  • Case Deflection Rate. In Stage 1, case deflection rate is ; in Stage 2 it isand in Cumulative it becomes. Where = total cases deflected in Stage One through search, = total cases deflected in Stage One through Direct View articles,  = total sessions, = total cases deflected on the support page, = total search sessions on support page.

Other Reports in Conversions

  • Case Deflection. Explore how case deflection actually works.
  • Session Tracking Details. Find out how users engage during sessions. Click any ID to view detailed user activity in that session.
  • Search Filter Based Clicks. Captures the content sources, content types, and content fields filters that users apply to get relevant answers. Shows the most popular content sources first.
  • Unsuccessful Case Deflection. Lists articles that users consulted before logging a case on the support page.
  • Successful Case Deflection. Lists articles that user consulted and didn't log a case.
  • Most Popular Documents. View the most clicked articles. The report links each article with sessions, keywords, and users.
  • Top Clicked Searches. Lists the popular clicked queries. Each query is mapped with clicked articles.
  • Attached to Case. Find out the cases most frequently linked to cases by support agents in their communication with users.
  • Discussions Ready to Become Help Articles. This report identifies popular discussion topics that have not been documented. Content managers can use the list to prioritize knowledge generation.
  • Share Results Analytics. Get detailed information on article sharing patterns on a SearchUnify Salesforce Console search client. Only for Salesforce Console users.