Use Github As a Content Source

SearchUnify can crawl, index, and search your Github repositories. This article gets you started.

Establish a Connection

  1. Navigate to Content Sources.

  2. Click Add new content source.

  1. From the search box, find Github and click Add.

  2. Give your content source a Name.

  3. Select the type of your Github account in Repository Type.

  4. Label your repository in Organization/User Name.

  5. Select OAuth in Authentication Type and click Connect.

  6. Click Next if a window pops up with the "Connection Successful" message.

Set Up Crawl Frequency

  1. Click to fire up a calendar and select a date. Only the files updated or created after the selected date will be indexed.

  2. Use the Frequency dropdown to select how often SearchUnify should index the repositories.

  3. Click Set.

Select Fields and Repositories for Indexing

SearchUnify indexes one Github content type (or object), issues. An admin can decide which issues fields are indexed.

  1. Click to edit issues.

  2. Add, edit, or remove fields and click Save.

  3. Navigate to By Repositories, use the index (highlighted) to find your repositories, check them, and click Save.

You have successfully added Github as a content source.

Last updatedFriday, February 26, 2021

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