(Re)crawl a Content Source

SearchUnify crawls your content source(s) at intervals defined in the Set Up Crawl Frequency stage. However, if the selected frequency happens to be Never, make it a habit to run the crawler (1) right after setting up a content source and (2) each time the data in content sources changes. Frequent recrawls allow search users to access up-to-date documents.


To trigger a crawl or a recrawl, go to Content Sources and click .

Crawling is in progress if turns on clicking. You can crawl more than one content sources simultaneously. You can also use other SearchUnify features while a crawl is in progress. If you have set up Turn on Content Source Indexing Notifications you will receive an email after the completion of a crawling job.

In case you spot , it means that the previous attempt at crawling has failed. You can find more information about the reasons for failure in View Crawl Logs.

Last updatedFriday, February 26, 2021

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