Use YouTube As a Content Source

Index YouTube for the use of your employees and customers. SearchUnify can index the: 

  • Uploaded videos on your channel
  • Videos on the channels that you have subscribed to


* Admin user in SearchUnify.

Establish a Connection

  1. Navigate to Content Sources.

  2. Click Add new content source.

  1. From the search box, find YouTube and click Add.

  2. Give your content source a name and click connect.

  3. If you are already logged into YouTube (or Google) in another tab, you will be prompted to give SearchUnify read-write access to your channel. Click .

  4. You will be greeted by a Connected Successful message. Click Next.

Set Up Crawl Frequency

  1. Click to fire up a calendar and select a date. Only the videos uploaded on your channel after the selected date will be indexed.

  2. Use the Frequency dropdown to select how often SearchUnify should index the YouTube videos.

  3. Click Set.

Select Fields for Indexing

  1. You can decide which properties (content fields)  of your YouTube videos will be indexed. To make selections click .

  2. Advanced users can add properties—such as title, video ID, and comments—one at a time. They can further change a property's label, type, and searchability. For everyone else, the safest option is to click Add all and Save.

  3. Navigate to By Channels and use the index to find your channel. If Xue'er is the name of your channel, then you will find it under the letter X.

  4. Check Enable and click Save.

You have successfully added YouTube as a content source.

Last updatedFriday, January 8, 2021

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