Which Authentication Method to Select for Zendesk?

Your Zendesk content source can be authenticated in three different ways. This article provides an overview to them all.


  • To fetch articles, enable the Help Center (Guide) first. This applies to all three authentication methods.

  • Only admins in Zendesk have the necessary permissions to authenticate using Basic or OAuth. If you aren't an admin in Zendesk, then ask the admin to activate Manage Guide for your profile.

  • If Manage Guide isn't activated for your user role, then you can only crawl the articles and posts that you have access to.

No Authentication

Crawls the public posts and articles in your Zendesk instance. Tickets are never public in Zendesk, so they are excluded.

  1. Select No Authentication.


Requires a user ID and password or API token. Crawls the data that the user can access.

  1. Select Basic.

  2. Enter your Zendesk user ID. If you intend to use an API token in the password field in the next step, then append your user ID with /token. The incorrect way is youremail@grazitti.com and the correct way is  youremail@grazitti.com/token.

  3. Enter either your user password or an API token in Password. To learn how to obtain the API token, refer to Get Your Zendesk API Token (from SearchUnify) or Generate a New API Token (from Zendesk).


Crawls all the data on your Zendesk instance.

  1. Select OAuth.

  2. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret. To learn how to obtain them, refer to Get Your Client ID and Client Secret in Zendesk (from SearchUnify) or Registering your application with Zendesk (from Zendesk).