How Does SearchUnify Work?

Despite being all round us, the technology underpinning search remains a mystery to most. The details tend to be buried in research papers and official documentation which but only a few can access, let alone read and comprehend. Fast technological progress doesn't lend a hand. Neither a proliferation of marketing jargon which confuses, more than it enlightens, readers.

A lot of readers will benefit from something between superficial marketing assets and a full-blown research paper. That's exactly what this article aims to be. It explains the core principles powering SearchUnify. Because the principles are fundamental, they apply to most other search engines as well.

Check out the following articles to learn how SearchUnify works.

Crawl Content Sources

A summary of how the data in content sources is processed and transformed into a searchable index. Check out Crawling and Indexing Content Sources.

Transform Search Queries

Learn what processes a search query undergoes before it's ready for use to find matching documents from the searchable index. Check out How Queries Are Transformed During Search

Rank Results

All matched documents aren't equally relevant. This section covers the criteria applied to rank results. How Documents Are Ranked in SearchUnify

Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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