Configure LLM Integrations

The LLM Integrations feature allows you to connect SearchUnify with a third-party LLM, such as OpenAI. This allows you to enhance your search results with additional insights and information from the LLM.


Before you can connect SearchUnify to an LLM, you will need to have the following:

  • An LLM account, such as OpenAI or Claude

  • The LLM API key

  • Website search client or Salesforce Communities search client

Connecting to an LLM

  1. Go to LLMs > Integrations in the SearchUnify admin panel.

  2. Select the LLM you want to connect to from the list of available LLMs. OpenAI and Claude are supported.

    • To use OpenAI, paste the LLM API key into the provided field.

    • To start using Claude, activate the 14-day free trial. You will receive an email notification confirming the trial activation. You can stop using Claude at any time during the trial period. Reminders about the trial's end will be sent on the 12th, 13th, and 14th days. Once the free trial concludes, contact the SearchUnify team to continue using Claude.

  3. Click Save.

SearchUnify can be integrated with multiple large language models (LLMs) at the same time.

Activating SearchUnifyGPT™

After you have connected to an LLM, you will need to activate SearchUnifyGPT™ to enable the LLM-powered answer box.

  1. Go to SearchUnify > Edit > Configurations in the SearchUnify admin panel.

  2. Toggle on the SearchUnifyGPT™ option.

  3. Click Save.

Using the SearchUnifyGPT™ Answer Box


SearchUnifyGPT™ works only for website search clients and Salesforce Communities search clients.

Once you have connected to an LLM and activated SearchUnifyGPT™, the LLM-powered answer box will appear next to the search results. The text in the box changes when you apply facets. But the text doesn't change after page two and beyond. You won't see SearchUnifyGPT™ upon running an empty search.

Known Issues

As a search user, you may encounter one of these issues:

  • NewLine characters: The SearchUnifyGPT widget may display new line characters in the search results.

  • Code printing: The widget may print code instead of generating natural language text.

  • Case file and case form (SF) incompatibility: The widget does not work with case files or case forms on Salesforce Communities.

Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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