Basic Search Client Configurations

Configurations offer eight search client settings.

  1. Enter Platform Name. Edit or change the name of your search client.
  2. Enter Base URL. Edit or change base URL, which tends to be the web address of your SearchUnify instance.
  3. Recommendations. Display search recommendations.
  4. Preview Search Results. Display the meta title and meta description of the top result.
  5. Knowledge Graph. Toggle it on is the first step to configuring a knowledge graph for a search client. The entire process has been explained in Configure a Knowledge Graph.
  6. No. of Autocomplete Results. Set how many suggestions should be displayed when a user is typing.
  7. Did You Mean?. Turn it on to use a custom dictionary. View Providing Useful Suggestions through Did You Mean for details.
  8. Similar Search Recommendations. Toggle it on will provide keyword suggestions on page one. The suggestions are placed after the search results.

Save Changes

Any changes made in Configurations are not saved until you save them. Click Save after making the edits.

Last updatedTuesday, June 23, 2020