Boost Documents with Intents

We see the scope of intent based intelligence in Virtual Agent, where it has proved to be a raving accomplishment. For the ones unfamiliar with Intents in Virtual Agents app functionality, consider these 3 sentences - ‘How are you today?’, ‘Hello there!, and ‘Hey, fella!’. All of these variants can be put under the same theme which is ‘greetings’. In SearchUnify terminology, these variants are Utterances and the theme is an Intent.

Under the Intents tab in NLP Manager, user search queries are analysed and grouped into Intents and Utterances. By incorporating this intent analysis in the search algorithm, an Admin can aim to achieve a detailed spectrum of the nature of search queries they receive and consider it a factor when showing the top search results on the search client.

If there are thousands of search sessions, Admin can rely on Intents to figure out where most of the search queries are coming from. This intent data can then be extended to Intent Tuning to achieve intelligent intent based tuning.

Add Intent

  1. Go to NLP Manager and click Add New.
  2. In the Create New Intent dialog box, mention the Intent Name of your choice and the Intent Description. This description is displayed when a cursor is hovered over the intent’s name.
  3. Click Save. The intent should be added on the main screen.

Add Utterances

  1. Go to the intent where utterances need to be added and in Action , click .
  2. Look for enter an utterance in the text box. A few suggestions appear. To one or more of them, click the suggested utterances. In the image user has added "search clients" and selected two suggestions: "search client in salesforce" and "service console". Once click, press either Enter or click Add new utterance.For machine learning to work it's essential to insert at least five utterances in each intent.


You can remove intents and utterances with Delete.

Deleting an Intent

  1. To delete an Intent, click in Action.

Deleting an Utterance

  1. To delete an utterance, find it an click . Note that if all utterances are deleted under an intent, then the intent is also automatically deleted.

Intent Suggestions

Admin can click on the Intent Suggestions button to get smart suggestions for adding intents and utterances to the existing list or create new ones.

To add Intent Suggestions

From the Select Search Client dropdown, select the search clients you intend to apply these

  1. Click on the Intent Suggestion button.
  2. Utterances will be displayed within an undefined intent name that can be renamed by the admin. Two rows of utterances are displayed by default. In case there are more, click on View More to check them all. Note. No more than 30 utterances can be displayed at a time in an intent group.
  3. To create a new intent with these utterances, select the intent (by default all the utterances in it are also selected) and from the three dots under the Action column, click on Move Intent.
  4. To add the suggested utterances to an existing intent, select the required utterances and click on Move Utterance in the Actions column.
  5. In the Move Utterance dialog box, select the intent to which you wish to add the selected utterances. Click on Move.

Click on the Train Intent button to draw new intent suggestions and train the intent intellect. By default, Intent training takes place fortnightly.

Import Intents

If you have a separate database for intents, click to add them directly into your Intent Dictionary.

To find the compatible format for intents, click .

Last updatedWednesday, March 29, 2023

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