Search Report

This report guides us about all the search queries that are made by the end users on the search clients installed. It tells us about the number of users, sessions and searches made with the searched queries. It serves as a guide to the content management team of our clients about what end users are looking for. This report comes segregated in 4 sections:

All Searches

What all keywords are searched with their frequency

Successful Searches (Clicks).

List of searched queries which returned at least one result and at least one of the results is clicked

Searches with No Click.

Search queries where results were shown up on the search client, but users haven’t probably found the results relevant. Hence no result was clicked for these queries. In such cases, we recommend content mgmt. teams to look back at the documents/searched results produced for these searched queries and generate more content around the same. This would significantly improve the search experience of the users.

Searches with No Result

 Search queries for which no result is produced. A search can be no-result for multiple reasons.

  • Documents with the search keywords do not exist in your data repositories.
  • The user does not have the permission to see documents.
  • Your search client is not connected with the content source where the documents are stored.

It doesn’t end there. For every query where no result was found, a detailed user journey is provided when you click session ID. This helps you to deep dive into the filters that were passed, the advanced criteria that was used, or the keywords that finally end up producing no result on the search page.

The user journey captures: the activity type and details (like text searches, page views, search queries etc.), time of the activity performed, facets and values selected, and what kind of advanced queries are used (like Exact phrase, without words etc.). Using these details, you can explore more about the reasons why such searches are not generating results.

Last updatedFriday, November 27, 2020