Install a Search Client in Salesforce (Internal Users)

Find information faster in Salesforce with SearchUnify. This article takes you through the steps of installing and setting up a SearchUnify client in Salesforce.

Installation Overview


  • Search client for Salesforce Internal Users as a zip file
  • Connection between the search client and at least one Salesforce content source

Install the Search Client

  1. Unzip the search client and open readme.

  2. From the package link in readme, install Su_Vf_Internal for All Users.

Configure Your Client

  1. Open a new tab and log into Salesforce.
  2. Create a remote site and use the web address highlighted on your Installation Complete screen in the URL field.

  3. Return to the Installation Complete screen (first tab) and scroll down.
  4. Copy UID and Service Endpoint from readme and get a Provision Key from your SearchUnify representative.

  5. Click Process.
  6. Spot this message to confirm a successful configuration.

  7. From the app launch menu, go to SearchUnify Vf Internal.

  8. Click SearchUnifyInternal to launch the search client.

  9. Start searching.

Last updatedFriday, September 4, 2020