Alerts section can be used to configure email subscriptions to receive email notifications for keyword tracking, keeping a check on analytics reports, and monitoring content source indexing. There are three types of such email alerts that are available in SearchUnify and can help an admin to automatically receive the important reports right in his/her inbox according to the selected frequency.

Keyword Subscription can be used to monitor the search frequency of select keywords. The admin will receive a table listing of when each keyword that he/she is monitoring, was searched.

Analytics Subscription allows you to receive the Analytics reports right in your inbox. These reports can then be easily shared without the need to especially add a user in your SearchUnify instance.

Content Source Subscription helps to monitor the indexing of your content sources in the instance. You can turn on indexing email notifications for one or multiple content sources according to your requirements.

Last updatedWednesday, March 29, 2023

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