Use Docebo As a Content Source

This article walks you through the process of indexing courses on Docebo.

Establish a Connection

  1. Navigate to Content Sources.

  2. Click Add new content source.

  1. Select Docebo.

  2. Give your content source a Name.

  3. Enter the web address of your Docebo account in Client URL.

  4. Enter Client ID and Client Secret, and click Connect.

Set Up Crawl Frequency

  1. Click to fire up a calendar and select a date. Only the courses data created or updated after the selected date will be indexed.

  2. Use the Frequency dropdown to select how often SearchUnify should index the courses.

  3. Click Set.

Select Types and Fields for Indexing

SearchUnify indexes Docebo through its course object. Admins can decide which fields of course are indexed. The process is explained next.

  1. Click .

  2. OPTIONAL. Add, edit, or remove fields and click Save.
  3. Click Save.

You have successfully added Docebo as a content source.

Last updatedTuesday, June 23, 2020