Documents: View Searchable Docs

Documents in the third column on Added Content Sources and it is subdivided into two parts: Live Docs and Temporary Docs.

  • Live Docs shows the number of crawled documents during frequency crawls. It also works for manual crawls for all content sources except five, which are listed in Temporary Docs.

  • Temporary Docs works when a manual crawl is active on five content sources: Website, Higher Logic, Dropbox, Docebo, and Vidyard. After a successful crawl, the Temporary Docs is set to zero and all the newly-crawled documents are moved to Live Docs.

On the left or right of Documents stands an icon which can take one of three shapes:

  • Successful. When a crawl is complete and successful, hovering over tells you the Start Time, End Time, and Duration of the previous crawl. It also captures crawling Errors, if any were encountered.

  • In Progress: When is crawl is underway, hovering over tells you the time when the current crawl kicked off and the time elapsed since the start.

  • Errors/Warning: When a crawl encounters an error and ends, hovering the cursor over tells you the Start Time and End Time of the unsuccessful crawl. It also tells you the time the crawler ran.

Apply Bypass Formula

The search box can be influenced by the keyword and intent tuning you have already employed, which is great for end-users but not when you are trying to tune results. To negate the impact of tuning and view all results, toggle on Apply Bypass Formula. Turning it on allows admins to see all the results for a search query irrespective of the current tuning settings.