About SearchUnifyGPT™

SearchUnifyGPT™ is a generative AI widget. It improves search experience by returning more informative and relevant search results. With Generative AI, the search experience is more interactive and engaging. You can place it on a search client to help search users find answers fast and quickly scan the information available on a particular topic.

Configure SearchUnifyGPT™

To use SearchUnifyGPT™, first connect it with a third-party LLM. The instructions are on Configure LLM Integrations

After establishing a connection, activate it from Search Clients > Edit > Configurations, and toggle on SearchUnifyGPT. The details are in Basic Search Client Configurations

Differences Between SearchUnifyGPT™ and Vanilla Search

In vanilla search experience, a typical user has to click on multiple results and skim through each one to get the information they are looking for. This is especially true of complex search queries, where the information may not be on one document

SearchUnifyGPT™ makes their task easier. Its foundation model treats user search queries as prompts and processes search results as training data. Then, it combines information from multiple search results to produce a coherent, informative, and detailed answer.

Differences Between SearchUnifyGPT™ and Rich Snippets

At a first glance, SearchUnifyGPT™ and Rich Snippets look similar. Both are on the search results page and both provide an answer based on search results. Deep down, there is a big difference. The main differences include: 

  SearchUnifyGPT™ Rich Snippets
Answer Answers are generated after an analysis of several results. Answers are extracted from one result.
Output The responses are text-only. They don't contain images, videos, and other multimedia. The responses are multimedia-rich. Where it is needed, images, videos, and other multimedia are inserted into Rich Snippets.
Technology The underlying tech is Generative AI.

The underlying algorithm is extractive in nature.

Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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